Our Environment

Earthpac products are environmentally-friendly on every level. Waste from packaging is a global problem, and here at Earthpac, we take waste and use it to create something that alleviates waste! Unlike the manufacturing process that is used to create plastics and polystyrene, our patented manufacturing process emits no noxious fumes to the atmosphere or toxic liquid waste. Plastics and Polystyrene unfortunately have bi-sphenols and styrene which are carciogenic and are not good for mankind. And, while plastics come from oil -- a limited natural resource -- we use a renewable resource - potatoes - in our manufacturing process.
Not only are our products environmentally friendly, the way we make them is, too. The Earthpac process goes basically like this: Potatoes, on their journey from spud farm to dinner plate, are blasted with water - washed, scrubbed then, at 120 kph, pushed through a tube fitted with a set of knives to cut wedges, chippies or chips. The water, then full of starch from the cut surfaces, is processed through a starch extractor. What comes out is potato starch, a valuable by-product, after being filtered leaves another valuable resource, clean, re-usable water. All waste from our manufacturing is fed to livestock, fish or worms. And, wherever possible, we use starch that has been reclaimed from local food processing waste streams. In locations that do not have starch extraction facilities, we import reclaimed starch from other locations that do. Our company plan is to expand to other countries and utilise their waste streams.

DID YOU KNOW that A 25g potatoplate sequesters the amount of carbon dioxide contained in about 110m3 of the earth’s atmosphere.