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How we make our products

Potatoes, on their journey from spud farm to French Fry, are blasted with water, washed, scrubbed, and at 120kph, pushed through a tube fitted with a series of knives. The waste water from this is full of starch from the cut surfaces of the Potatoes. The starch is extracted and in doing so it returns clean water to be reused by the Potato processor, and dried Potato starch to be used by us in the making of our Trays and Plates!Once we receive the dried starch, we process it in a high-speed pressure thermoforming machine that inserts the powdered starch between a set of moulds of the desired shape that we want to make. The mould closes and the starch is pressurised and 'cooked' into the rigid and strong shape. An automated handling system then extracts the tray ready for the next cycle.Only a very small amount of waste product is produced by us. All of this waste is given to the local Pig Farmer for consumption by his livestock!
Why the helix?

The helix of sustainability

It's a helix because, unlike recycling of fossil origin materials if we work with sustainable, crop origin materials it is not necessary to return wares to a point of origin to make the system work.

The leaves that fall from a tree don't have to be gathered up and be trucked to a special leaf scrapyard for cleaning, sorting and reprocessing. If we are to minimise the bad effects of our lifestyle on our environment, the way people use materials should follow the existing practices of the rest of nature as closely as possible.