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23 July 2011

H R V Filter Discs

It’s the end of the line for harmful dust and bacteria. SETA Filters from HRV are an example of the latest natural technology in home filtration. […]
22 July 2011

Possum Bait Stations

This design of bait station was made for Connovation Ltd in East Tamaki, Auckland.  They are designed for possums.  Each cavity has a cyanide pellet covered […]
22 July 2011

Wing Mirrors

Kiwi connection to green racing car. Scientists at Plant & Food Research in New Zealand had a part in developing the world’s first racing car from […]
9 February 2009


Congratulations are in order for Richard Williams as he has now joined the ranks of “101 Incredible Kiwi’s” as an Eco-entrepreneur.
6 February 2009

Potato starch products at the Olympics

 Potato starch products were approved to be used at the 2000 Sydney Olympics The most environmentally-friendly Olympic Games yet. HOW YOU CAN FEEL GREAT BY HELPING OUR […]