Awards - earthpac
  • 2005 Zero Waste Award

    Potatopak NZ honoured by receiving this National Award
  • 2003

    Featured in North & South
  • 2003 Environmental Award

    Winner Marlborough District Council Environmental Award for Chamber of Commerce Business excellence 2003
  • 2002 Selected as a “Fast Forward” company

    Selected as a “Fast Forward” company by Industry New Zealand
  • 2002 Fifth most exciting company in New Zealand

    Named as the fifth most exciting company in New Zealand food manufacturing in a survey sponsored by Xtra.
    Here’s what the National Business Review had to say about us:
    “Fifth most exciting is New Zealand Potato Plate Co, based on its imaginative business and its potential effect on others. The company produces Styrofoam-like food packaging out of potato starch. With technology developed in the U.K, the award-winning Potato Plate Co is going some of the way to solving a major problem.
    Industry insiders said one of the major problems in the food manufacturing is the environmental problem of packaging. It creates a sea of waste. The solution: Potato Plate Co's packaging is edible. Well edible at a pinch that is. Or if you don't want to eat it, just throw it in the compost and it's gone in five weeks. There is a way to go however, as the packaging cannot store liquids. The company is still too small to make a real impact in putting garbage dumps out of business. But this is a company for a better future. It can increase demand for farm products (potatoes), reduce the use of oil (what Styrofoam is made of now), produce a healthy product, and reduce waste. An exciting combination.”
  • 2000 Environmental Green Heart Award

    New Zealand Environmental Green Heart Award
  • 1999 Environmental Packaging Award

    New Zealand Environmental Packaging Award