Plastic - it’s a modern-day comfort, something that we use every day often without a second thought. Even though we’ve been aware for decades of the adverse effects of convenience culture, it’s not until something challenges us head-on that we wake up and pay attention.

By weight 39% of household plastic bottles and containers that have the potential to be recycled go to landfill. Therefore, simply replacing polystyrene products with recyclable plastics products, while better, is not the solution. Some 14 Olympic size swimming pools worth of polystyrene go to landfill every year.

After years of iterative R&D, and investment from a small group of visionaries, we believe we have found a solution, a home-compostable product with outstanding functional performance and no toxic additives, made from potato starch.

With the recent application of this commercially available compostable starch film, we have been able to move from producing what we believe are good to great products. Freezer, microwave-safe and home-compostable, this breakthrough product creates the possibility of a future without plastic for which there is a huge global demand

wash creek packaging

Our 2nd generation proprietary technology is proven in the form of a small scale production plant.

Our product is already being sought out by those in the meat, fish and fresh produce industries but we cannot meet this current demand

Medicinal trays are used in all hospitals both Public and Private on a daily basis. Plastic Trays are also used in day clinics and day surgeries. The most common use is to carry instruments for use in wards and operating theatres. Currently these trays are made from plastic and after use are disposed of to land fill. Even in New Zealand the disposal of these plastic trays amounts to tonnes annually.

To replace these plastic trays with ones made from potato starch which can then be composted will make an major positive impact on landfills throughout the country.

drug trays

We have our first Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed with an Australian entity to license the technology

We are seeking to raise between $850,000 to $2,000,000 via the PledgeMe platform

With your investment we wish to increase this capacity and capability to deliver commercial production levels in NZ and progress a franchise model for offshore opportunities.