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22 July 2011
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22 November 2018

It’s the end of the line for harmful dust and bacteria. SETA Filters from HRV are an example of the latest natural technology in home filtration. Used in conjunction with the deep pleat HRV filter, it offers homeowners a complete filtration system. Seta filters capture microscopic particles. In the same way as a spider web catches a fly. This breakthrough natural process, using natural products, is a breath of fresh air for any homeowner seeking better indoor air quality – especially if you suffer from respiratory illnesses.

  • Easy to use – simply place on your HRV room diffusers
  • Capture of microscopic particles
  • Two stage filtration for a cleaner, healthier indoor environment
  • SETA filters are biodegradable
  • SETA filters are impregnated with natural antibacterial properties
  • Easy to replace – just like changing a light bulb